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At Harbourside Dental, we’re proud to offer a wide variety of services using top dental technology. Come see how we can make you smile!

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Our continuous quest for excellence means we are continually expanding our expertise in general dentistry as well as providing our patients with the finest and most up-to-date techniques.

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At a time when fast, short-cut dentistry is being popularized, we promise that the many important details which ensure a quality result will not be missed. Our objective is to help people keep their teeth healthy for a lifetime.

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Our Commitments


We continually strive to improve our top level service by seeking out the highest levels of dental education available. In addition, Harbourside Dental Group is committed to using only the finest materials currently available.

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Visit our clinic today & see how we are committed to giving you an exceptional dental experience.

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Welcome To Harbourside Dental

At Harbourside Dental, besides providing exceptional dental treatment, we also aspire to take care of you in a mindful, thoughtful way. To achieve excellent dental health, it is best if you, the patient, work in a synergistic way with our dental team.

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Smiles From Harbourside Dental
Smiles From Harbourside Dental
Smiles From Harbourside Dental