First Appointment

Your first appointment will involve a comprehensive examination.  During this process we will examine the health status of not only your teeth but also that of the rest of your mouth and all of its support structures.

This examination is very thorough and will include:

  • Medical and dental history review
  • Digital x-rays as required
  • Examination of teeth and prior restorative work
  • Complete periodontal (gum) education
  • Examination of your bite and how your jaws function together
  • Assessment of the temporomandibular joints (TMJ)
  • Oral cancer screening
  • An aesthetic  (smile) assessment
  • Evaluation of the muscles involved in chewing

Patients with basic needs will find the above details will be completed in the first one-hour appointment.  Patients requiring more extensive restoration work may require a second appointment for the more detailed bite and smile analysis as well as photographs and impressions for study models.  During this time we would also like to learn more about your dental history and your long term dental health goals.

By fully understanding your dental health, as well as your overall wellbeing and learning about your long term goals, we will be able to help you reach your optimal dental health – both functionally and aesthetically.

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